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  • CA is excited to reveal the excellent cricket gloves as the New Year sensation named JR20 gloves. The best cricket gloves is specifically designed and in line with production for the new brand ambassador and cricket player Jason Roy. All the requirements confidently engineered in it that he was looking for. This CA cricket gloves are featured after the highly planned session and feels like the potential booster in cricket performances. Enhanced protection and solace give trust when players perform in the battlegrounds. These CA batting gloves are manufactured among Leather palm PU back of hand foam which caters consolation and ease enhancing shock absorbance. These cricket batting gloves appear with a simple pure white appearance revealing confidence to players. Protective equipment used in cricket eliminates the injuries possibility and blisters throughout the period. These cricket protection gears improve the grip and develop fingers chambers protection, embedded for more control while operating in cricket. It holds the electrifying power to assist you with better results in performance because of double-sided sweatband eliminating irritation on hands. Manufactured the same as planned of cricket hand gloves.

Its like you like!

We are like the way you like to convert your imagination tailored into reality. Having our core values to serve and deliver the “best” , “desired”, & “Exact” in sportswear, we also continuously keep ourselves improvised and best to fit the advance requisites of our customer irrespective business terms in $.

Dawnray International  has its h factory based in North Pakistan, Sialkot (one of the oldest and biggest sports goods industries in the world), where we are always keen to provide employment to the needy but skilled workers belong to underdeveloped region of southern Pakistan. Having policy of equality, we hire women workers more than men to minimize gender gap in terms of employment and empowering the women as much as we can within our capacity.

We are currently based in Australia, US, South Africa, Ukraine, Ireland & Canada where hundreds of regular customers of sport clubs, academies, gyms and other bodies are happily attached with Dawnray International with loyalty built upon quality, core values and bilateral connections.

Having clear focus on advance improvisation, our expertise and technology is developed on decades of industry experience we been very successful like the way you like. With our in-house graphics design department and being exclusive manufacturer the complete production process is tailored to deliver you with the best possible customer service experience.


Dawnray International (A Sports Wear Manufacturer), was founded by Mr. Matthew Woodberry (TAS, Australia) & Mr. Noor Ahmed in 2010 after extensive Past experience of Sports & Fitness Wear being part of other world-class manufacturing firms in Sialkot, Pakistan.